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Ceylon, known today as Sri Lanka

The History Of Ceylon

Boasts a rich and captivating history that spans thousands of years. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this island nation has been a hub of cultural exchange and trade since ancient times.

From the arrival of early settlers in 543 BCE to the reign of mighty Sinhalese kings, Ceylon witnessed the rise and fall of numerous kingdoms. The island's strategic location made it a coveted prize for foreign powers, including the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, who left indelible imprints on its culture and governance. Eventually gaining independence in 1948,Ceylon continues to embrace its diverse heritage, captivating visitors with its lush landscapes, ancient ruins, and vibrant traditions.

The unique art of Ceylon

Sri Lankan Masks

At a time when the people worshipped trees and animals, masks were an indispensable part of Sri Lankan rituals and ceremonies. Now centuries later they are more of an interesting oddity. However, the traditional mask industry is still a thriving business that continues to fascinate both locals and tourists alike. With their colourful facades, odd shapes and intriguing histories, traditional Sri Lankan masks are commonly found adorning the walls of local houses. They also make excellent souvenirs. All masks have grotesque features that make them all the more interesting. Most masks feature gaping, misshapen mouths; sinister, bulging eyes; and bright, vivid colours. The local masks can be divided into several categories depending on their uses.

When Coffee was King

The Ceylon Tea

James Taylor arrived in Ceylon in 1852, settling down at the Loolecondera Estate, Galaha. He begins a 19-acre tea plantation on the Loolecondera Estate in 1867, laying the foundation for what would become Sri Lanka's largest export industry for over a century.

In 1872, a fully equipped tea factory began operating on the Loolecondera Estate.

In 1873, Ceylon Tea made its international debut when twenty-three pounds of tea produced by James Taylor reached London.

The unique Teste of Ceylon

Sri Lankan Spices

Ceylon spices are respected and highly valued in the whole world. In addition to taste, Ceylon spices are important key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Researchers point out that arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, and asthma can be treated using these spices, especially cinnamon. Therefore, incorporating these spices into your diet would be very beneficial.

Sri Lanka is a green island located in the south of the Indian Ocean. The country was known as 'Ceylon' until 1972. Documented history of the country spans more than three thousand years but its actual history goes back more than hundred thousand of years.

For many years, the country has been regarded as a home for popular spice products. Although spice farming dates back to 14th century, Ceylon spices have remained the most sought for food additives. According to statistics, 56% of Sri Lankan agricultural exports consist of spices, essential oils, and allied products. Due to the availability of rainfall, the presence of a warm, humid tropical climate, and rich soil, Ceylon species has unique taste, strong aroma, and natural health benefits.

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